Head-to-Toe Set

good for:

Dry Scalp Hair Loss Hair Thinning Oiliness Wrinkles

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We've got you covered head to toe, literally. This set comes with a complete skin and hair care routine.

Includes our invigorating shampoo and conditioner to prevent hair loss, refreshing body wash to treat body acne, clay-infused face wash to deeply cleanse the face from debris, and lightweight gel moisturizer to soothe, rehydrate and repair skin while you sleep.

It's about time you treated the rest of your body as good as you treat your face.

what's included

What's included

"The shampoo cleans without stripping my hair and drying out my scalp. The conditioner moisturizes without a greasy feel. My hair has become stronger and thicker. I have a thinning section, that seems to have become thicker!"

Troy H. | 45-54 | Hair Loss

"Absolutely love the Purifying Clay Cleanser and Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer!! The travel size products are perfect for short trips and to have handy any time on the road. The cleanser is the best anywhere...and I've used a lot of various products. Thank you to Cardon for the amazing work!"

Alan N. | N/A | Normal

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